Talent Strategy


How do we reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of our headquarter talent functions? >>Read How


How do we design a differentiated service model for our agency population and provide the talent management support for the rollout? >>Read How

Leadership and Organizational Performance

Health Care (Public Sector)

How do we build the leadership skills of our science leaders?
>>Read How


How do we determine the next generation of senior leaders and institute within our company a discipline around succession planning? >>Read How

Learning and Development


How do we effectively develop the sales and sales management skills of our regional sales managers? >>Read How


How do we assess the effectiveness and the developmental needs of our B2B sales team? >>Read How

Change Management


How do we manage risk and build a new culture that is ready to embrace a new technology (SAP) that dramatically improves our ability to forecast demand, schedule production and delight our customers? >>Read How

Life Sciences

How do we manage the global implementation of a new ERP system for a newly spun-off entity with minimal impact on the business and on the >>Read How