Research shows that Talent is now the prime asset in the global economy. Over the past 50 years the U.S. Economy has shifted decisively from financing the exploitation of natural resources to doubling down on its investment in human talent. And yet … given the critically important role that talent plays in building sustainable competitive advantage … there continues to be limited alignment between the vision and priorities of the business and the activities underway in talent strategy, leadership development, learning and overall change management. The consequences of misalignment are significant, as leaders deal with the pain and miss out on the opportunities associated with many of the following kinds of business challenges:


  • Using our investments in training to develop the precise sets of skills most critical to hitting our financial targets
  • Creating the optimal “shape” and “flow” within our workforce that generates career opportunity and movement, retains high performers, and manages labor cost
  • Designing a service delivery model that provides internal business leaders with the talent related processes required for optimal business performance
  • Managing the right balance between “buying” and “building” talent to ensure that the most strategic skills properly acquired and retained
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  • Making decisions pragmatically and without bias
  • Engaging and mobilizing teams with vision and inspiration
  • Providing formal and informal feedback with a balance of candor and empathy
  • Collaborating with the right stakeholders in the right way to drive results
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Knowledge & Skills

  • Defining a overall strategy for learning that incorporates culture, leadership, training and development, and knowledge management
  • Identifying competency gaps and then using the  “right” learning channels to teach the “right” stuff to the “right” audiences
  • Finding ways to capture, codify, store and share tacit knowledge across the organization
  • Managing the growing spend associated with learning to generate the proper return and invest in the most important skills
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Moving Forward

  • Establishing a clear business case for change that eases the transition of those most affected and positively engages the broader organization
  • Communicating change to the right stakeholders with the right messages and at the right frequency to generate commitment
  • Capturing the hearts and the minds of the leadership team so that there are limited barriers to progress
Thriving during change is sometimes difficult
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