Learning and Development

Learning has become an organization’s best opportunity to create sustainable, competitive advantage

There are more questions to consider and complexities to recognize than ever before in the field of organizational learning. The demand is growing as the portfolio of skills needed in the workplace is vast, and the range of issues to which those skills are applied is even greater. And the supply side has become even more crowded, with the onset of new learning channels represented by blogs, social media, formal mentorship, and peer knowledge sharing, to name a few.

At Lighthouse, our heritage is in the learning arena, dating back to when we were providing sales training to professional sales representatives. The variety of tools and collaborative approaches to learning are endless and provide fertile ground to build competitive advantage. Reach out to discuss opportunities for guidance in the following areas:

  • Learning strategy development
  • Knowledge management
  • The design and development of instructor-led, skill based training, including:
    • Change Management
    • Effective Communication
    • Team Effectiveness
    • Decision making
    • Consultative Selling
    • Customer service
    • Influence
  • Customized program delivery services
  • Formal facilitation (e.g. strategy workshops)
  • Speaking engagements