Change Management

Helping organizations thrive during times of change is NOT a formulaic process; it requires experience, judgment, agility and sometimes a sense of humor!

Only by appreciating the uniqueness of every business culture and the heterogeneous nature of every workforce can you fully recognize that the risks associated with organizational change are varied and usually unpredictable. Dating back to the pre-Y2K business environment, change management has become over the years a critical business discipline.

Give Lighthouse a call to discuss your unique situation and get some guidance on how the change management dimension of your business initiative can be effectively qualified and managed. At Lighthouse, we bring a wide range of prior experience, tools and creative ideas to the change management question. Some of these services include:

  • Preliminary Risk and Readiness Assessment to create a risk profile
  • Leadership of the change effort using a foundational change model
  • Stakeholder management
  • Communication strategies and execution
  • Change agent/champion formation and training
  • Training strategy
  • Change management education, including a proprietary 1.5 day course called Understanding and Driving Change
  • Leadership alignment